Day 318 – Emma’s first blood

According to your mom, today you fell down awkwardly with your lips touching the floor… that, of course, gave you a big bite of yourself, even you’ve only got 4 teeth (technically 6, but two of the side ones don’t count, they are only half way out). Reason being… crawling too fast… so that was not able to balance yourself that well… Anyway, your mom said you cried about 4,5 minutes while the upper lip’s bleeding, and started drinking your own blood with a silly smily face:D

Too bad, your mom was in a shock as well… so she forgot to take a photo of your first blood…

Take care, baby

Day 199 – Emma shouted “aba” for the first time

It was a raining night. I was home late, and you probably had been tired of waiting papa for bathing you:/

So… when papa was having dinner here, Mommy held you in her arms sitting in the couch… and you just shouted “aba…..” from nowhere!! Very Loudly!! 0__0

What were you trying to say, Emma?